Skipping Routine Auto Maintenance? Here’s What That’ll Cost You.

Auto repair and maintenance are two necessary yet mildly unpleasant tasks adult car owners must do in order to keep their cars running 100,000 miles or more. Yet many people put off car repair and maintenance the same way they put off going to the dentist or visiting the doctor for their annual checkup. It’s a hassle, an inconvenience and it costs money, right?

No one’s going to argue that taking care of your car, truck or SUV won’t cost you anything. Yet the truth of the matter is not maintaining your vehicle will cost you a lot more in the long run. You can also save a lot of dough by getting needed auto repairs performed in the early rather than late phase. This is particularly true for foreign model vehicles that have a higher total cost of ownership, such as VW repair, BMW auto repair and Audi auto repair.

Consider the Cost of Routine Oil Changes vs. Engine Repair

Let’s look at the most basic and fundamental vehicle maintenance responsibility for any car, truck, or SUV owner: the oil change. Annoyingly ubiquitous, every vehicle owner knows or should know the importance of regularly changing your oil.

Though the 3,000-mile oil change may not be necessary for newer-model vehicles, this maintenance service does need to be performed regularly to protect the health of your vehicle. For an Audi, Volkswagen, or BMW oil change, check the owner’s manual to determine proper routine maintenance intervals. Many foreign cars using synthetic oil can safely go 5000 miles before they require an oil change.

Any auto mechanic worth the grease will tell you that no routine maintenance is more important for your vehicle than an oil change. Clean, fresh oil lubricates your engine so that it functions properly. Dirty, grimy oil thickens so that your engine can’t function properly. If left unattended, coagulated oil can cause an engine to seize and be ruined.

Yet many “budget-conscious” drivers put it off to save a few bucks. Your Mechanic estimates that the average cost of a BMW oil change in San Diego is between $78 and $115. Yet the cost of engine repair or replacement can cost several thousand dollars – BankRate estimates the cost to be $4000. It is hard to narrow it down as prices can vary for specific BMW, Audi, VW models.

So do you want to spend about a hundred bucks a few times a year for an oil change or do you want to risk it and spend several thousand dollars for engine repair or replacement? If you are looking to truly save a few bucks for an Audi, Volkswagen, or BMW oil change, visit an independent San Diego auto repair shop where you can get a quality oil change for much less than the dealership.

Routine Brake Repair Cost Less Than Full Brake System Replacement

If the primary function of your car is to have a strong engine to make the car go, you must also have a precise braking system to make the car stop. Though it should need no explanation, brake service should not be postponed to save some money. It is not justifiable to risk collision and injury just because you didn’t want to pay for brake repair.

Brakes are one of those things that wear down and need to be replaced even in ideal driving conditions. Annual brake checks are recommended, and many auto repair shops will perform basic inspections for free or next to nothing. If you hear a squealing sound or feel a change in pedal pressure when you apply the brakes, this is a sign your vehicle likely needs brake repair. The average cost of standard brake repair (replacing disc pads and shoes) is about $150 though again shopping around could reduce this price.

Forego this routine brake repair and your pads and shoes will only continue to wear down. Should they wear down to the metal, you will cause damage to the brake rotor, which will cost about $300 to replace. In addition to compromising your ability to safely brake, you are now risking damaging the braking or the entire suspension system. So now a $150 repair becomes a several thousand dollar brake repair.

Extend the Life of Your Tires and Save

Tires, those four round rubber objects that support your vehicle, need care and maintenance as well. Yet most drivers only think about their tires when they get a flat and need to get one replaced. Regular driving will wear out your tires, specifically your treads, so that gripping the road becomes more of a challenge.

For safe driving tires need to be properly inflated and have non-worn tire treads. Every three months, you should check the air pressure in your tires and refill them accordingly. You can do this at your local gas station or many auto repair shops will offer this as a complimentary service. Nowadays, many vehicle dashboards will signal you when tire pressure is low.

Tire rotations can help make the most of your tire investment. By rotating the tires on your car from the front to the back, you spread out the wear (front tires wear more) so that all tires wear more equally. This way, all four tires last longer. For your convenience, you can get tire rotations during your oil change; again many auto repair shops will do this for free or next to nothing ($40-$50).

Replacing all four of your tires will cost about $800 though prices for tires vary widely. You can save hundreds of dollars by taking advantage of tire rotations that will make your tires last longer.

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