Did You Know Regular Cooling System Maintenance Prevents Overheating?

During these hot summer days, what’s better than driving to the coast and enjoying San Diego beaches with family and friends? Yet if you’re not careful, hot summer temperatures can be harmful to your vehicle’s major components. Cooling system maintenance in Southern California is an absolute must to prevent your car from overheating, which can seriously damage your engine and result in major auto repair service.

Follow These Cooling System Maintenance Tips to Prevent Vehicle Overheating:

antifreeze in cooling system

Be sure to check your fluids!

  • Check and Refill Your Fluids – During the hot summer months, make sure coolant is filled to the line with the proper mix of water and antifreeze. Consider keeping some coolant or a jug of water in the vehicle’s trunk for road trips or long daily commutes.
  • Is It Time for a Radiator Flush? – In order for your coolant to work properly, it must be fresh as well as full to the line. If it has been more than two years since you’ve had a cooling system service or a flush, consider bringing your car into any repair shop for an inspection. Old, mucky fluid does a poor job of keeping your vehicle cool.
  • Clear out Debris from under Your Hood – Sometimes leaves, twigs and other road debris can build up under your hood blocking your mechanical systems from working properly. When the car is cool, clear this stuff out to enable greater functionality.
  • Is It Time for a New Battery? – If it has been more than three years since you’ve replaced your car battery, you may want to test its strength and consider replacement. Many auto repair shops or parts stores will do this for next to nothing and it only takes a few minutes. The high temperatures can take a hit on your battery life so it’s best to be proactive.

When it comes to vehicle overheating, prevention really is the best medicine. Overheating can lead to engine failure, and engine repair is a big expense you could probably do without. If you own an older-model vehicle, monitoring your fluid levels and temperatures is particularly important. And remember, a cooling system service or a flush will cost you much less than an engine repair due to overheating.

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