What to Expect for Auto Repairs at the 40,000-50,000 Mile Interval

To help extend the life of your vehicle, regular service and maintenance is essential. But what type of auto repair and maintenance services are required and how often? Though it varies across automotive manufacturers — and you should always follow the owner’s manual for your specific vehicle – but most car repairs follow the same regular interval schedule, which occurs roughly every 15,000 miles.

50000 interval repairsSkip the 40,000- to 50,000-mile car repair at your own risk

If your vehicle is approaching the 40-000- to 50,000-mile interval schedule, it is a good time to bring it in to your local repair shop for inspection and maintenance service.

The mechanic will usually check for the following issues at the 40,000- to 50,000-mile interval:

  • Oil change and filter inspection – checking your oil is done at each major mile interval inspection but of course an oil change should be performed more frequently between 3,000 and 10,000 miles depending on your vehicle.
  • Ignition system inspection – for many auto manufacturers, ignition system failures start at around this interval.
  • Engine and spark plug inspection — spark plugs can often become damaged by this interval and need to be replaced. Driving on worn-out spark plugs should be avoided as doing so can damage the engine forcing it to get engine repair sooner than it would otherwise have to.
  • Brake inspection — Heavy stop-and-go city driving can take its toll on your vehicle and force brake repair and possible replacement of brake pads and shoes sooner than the 50,000-mile mark (as is typically required).
  • Check your systems fluids – as is true for each interval marker, the auto technician should check your fluid levels particularly the brake, transmission and radiator fluids. The common mile interval to replace fluids is at the 60,000-mile mark. Nonetheless it is wise to get them inspected at this interval as it may be time for a cooling system service such as a radiator flush.
  • Hoses and connectors – at this interval, hoses and other connectors can sometimes become worn. The mechanic should take the time to inspect these connectors for small tears or rips. By catching and replacing a worn out hose or belt, you can prevent damage from occurring to a major vehicle component thereby saving thousands of dollars in auto repair.

Spending a few hundred bucks on 40,000- to 50,000-mile vehicle maintenance can save thousands of dollars over time and get your car to the 150,000-mile or even 200,000-mile mark. Take care of your car with regular auto repair and maintenance and it will take care of you. And if you’re living in San Diego, be sure to schedule an appointment with us below.

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