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Are you searching all over town trying to find a quality but not over-priced VW Vanagon repair shop in San Diego? At Griffin’s, we offer all kinds of Volkswagen repair services, and that includes Vanagon and Westfalia repair & maintenance services including tune-ups.

Though we don’t provide vehicle restorations, we do provide comprehensive Westy and Vanagon repair for all vehicle systems, including standard engine, transmission, brake, and suspension repair. Moreover, we offer that hard-to-find interior and body repair, such as mending upholstery and doing paint jobs. As the go-to auto air conditioning specialists, we can even fix your Westy or Vanagon’s AC system.

Griffin’s offers Vanagon maintenance service

As with any vehicle, routine maintenance is key to keeping it running year after year, and this is especially true for older model vehicles such as Vanagons and Westies. From tire rotations to oil changes and filter replacements, Griffin’s provides all kinds of Vanagon and Westfalia repair. We can also give your vehicle a comprehensive inspection and tune-up to catch those little glitches before they become bigger problems.


Get Westy maintenance before your next Joshua Tree trip!

Do we perform VW waterboxer (aka wasserboxer) engine repairs? YES!

Yes, the well-trained and highly adaptable mechanics Griffin’s can even repair your VW waterboxer (including the VW 2.1 waterboxer). The VW waterboxer (or as refer to as a wasserboxer engine) is a unique air-cooled engine that eliminates the need for a standard cooling system with a radiator and water pump that use water and coolant to cool the engine. The VW waterboxer and the space surrounding it are designed for maximum air exposure thus efficient engine cooling. At Griffin’s our mechanics can repair and keep your air-cooled engine maintained so that lasts as long as possible and passes today’s smog emission’s testing standards.

We’ll perform VW camper equipment repair

Westies and Vanagons are ideal multi-purpose vehicles suitable for RVing, camping or everyday cruising. Whether you’d like to keep your existing vehicle camping equipment well maintained or need to fix your camper pop-top tent, Griffin’s can help. We repair:

  • Dual battery systems
  • Sink pumps & faucets
  • Electrical & lighting systems
  • Refrigerator replacement
  • Heaters
  • And other weird stuff that only happens to VWs 🙂

Think of Griffin’s as your complete mechanic service center for Volkswagens, including older and less common models such as Vanagons, Westfalia, Eurovans and more. More than fixing and maintaining your vehicles, we offer a dealership-worthy guarantee on our workmanship so you can feel confident giving our local San Diego auto repair shop a try. We’ve been repairing older and newer model vehicles since 1959 so we aren’t some here today, gone tomorrow garage. Have a question about a specific VW Vanagon repair? Give us a call right now!

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