The Volkswagen Scandal May Lead to Future Mandatory VW Repairs

Up until recently the Volkswagen auto maker had a reputation for making quality vehicles that were concerned about the negative effects of carbon emissions. Between 2009-2012, VW came out with “environmentally friendly,” diesel-engine versions of its Jetta, Golf, Beetle, and Passat. These four-cylinder makes and models promised the same power and performance of other diesel cars without the pollutants and high carbon emissions. Global and U.S. consumers bought these cars believing the results of the low emissions testing.

VW scanalVW’s Fraud and Deception Can’t Be Solved in local VW Repair Shops

Last month, however, news broke from the automaker’s U.S. headquarters in California that shocked VW drivers, environmentalists, and auto manufacturers the world over: VW, it appears, did not manufacturer these low emissions vehicles as it had claimed.

Instead, it manufactured a so-called defeat device (actually a software system) designed for the sole purpose of tricking tests into believing the emissions being produced were far lower than they actually were. In fact in many cases, the true emissions levels were 40 times higher than shown in the tests.

Are VW Repair Shops Fixing the Emissions’ Mess?

So what are drivers of these diesel makes and models to do? The automaker, which is currently undergoing an investigation for their deceptive and possibly criminal actions, is still in the process of figuring out how to proceed and correct the problem. VW repair or related services are not immediately required as the cars are deemed as safe to drive. Yet they are emitting far higher levels of pollutants than they are supposed to.

At some point in the future, it is likely that drivers will need to go to their local VW repair shop to install components to correct the faulty software. It will take time for VW to come up with a fix and more time for San Diego repair shops to perform the new, mandatory repairs and updates. Needless to say these VW models are no longer being sold in the U.S.

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