Car Won’t Start? Check your Battery…

It’s early Monday morning and after a weekend with family and friends, you are ready to get back into the work routine. You load the kids up for school, grab your coffee cup and get ready to hit the road. You put the key in the ignition and when you attempt to turn it over, you hear that dreaded sound … tic, tic, tic, tic and then nothing.

jumper-cables-for-car-batteryFew things can spoil your daily routine more than a car that won’t start. Does this mean you need costly auto repair? Engine repair, a new battery or alternator? First, try to get a sense of what’s really going on with your vehicle.

Is Immediate Auto Repair Needed or Just a New Battery?

  • Is it the battery? – If you hear a continuous ticking sound when you attempt to turn over the ignition, this tends to signal a dead battery. In some cases, a dead battery is from leaving an interior light on. Yet many newer model vehicles have sensors that can pick up on this and turn them off for you. Many times, a dead battery is just due to regular wear.
  • Is it a connector? – If you hear nothing but silence when you try to turn the engine, this may simply mean one of the battery connectors is loose. Take a look at the battery unit and make sure the cables are properly connected. Inspect for wear and corrosion as well. In either of these cases, a battery jump will usually start the car and this generally means major auto repair can be avoided. Many repair shops will check your battery for free or next to nothing and it’s as simple as purchasing a new battery and replacing it.
  • Is it something worse? If the engine cranks but the vehicle wont’ start, this tends to be a sign that something more serious than the battery – the starter or alternator – could be in need of repair. Because we live in San Diego with minimal freezing or wet weather conditions, frozen fuel lines or wet spark plugs are less likely to be a culprit. Yet if you’ve been traveling to where there was snow, freezing temperatures or a lot of rain, this could be a factor for car repair.

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