Winterize Your Car and Avoid Costly Auto Repair

So this isn’t Buffalo, New York, and we all know that one of the many joys of living in sunny California is not having to break out the snow tires or invest in a heavy-duty ice scraper. But the lack of snowfall and serious ice on the roads doesn’t mean your vehicle is in the clear regarding car repair services.

winter snow in southern california

Winter in southern California

Temperatures can still drop to freezing or below at night and depending on where in the county you live, such as the mountains, you could still experience minimal snow and ice. To steer clear of costly auto repair in San Diego, try these winter weather tips to keep your car running in top shape:

  • Regular Service for Major Components – Auto repair experts and mechanics agree that cold temperatures make your major systems have to work harder to produce the same results. Regular cooling system maintenance for instance helps your car run more efficiently for longer resulting in avoiding major cooling system repair. For many drivers, winter marks the time of year for the coolant system flush.
  • Battery Check – Your vehicle is working harder during the winter cold snaps and so is its battery. Be sure to check under the hood for leaking fluid and proper connectivity. Most auto repair shops can check the strength of your battery for you as well.
  • San Diego Oil Change – Regular oil changes to your vehicle can help it run properly for years to come. This is particularly important during the cold winter nights. Keep your oil filled to the right level to avoid a breakdown and major car engine repair.

In San Diego, auto repair and maintenance services such as these can be overlooked due to the area’s year-round temperate climate. But good weather is no good excuse for poor auto repair service and maintenance habits. Though the cold weather in San Diego is mild compared to many places in the U.S., it is still a good occasion to check your vehicle for regular maintenance to avoid major auto repair in the future.

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