Was Your Car Flooded by the Storm?

Cars, trucks and SUVs weren’t meant to wade through several feet of water, they just weren’t. If your vehicle was left stranded in water due to the recent El Nino storm, it’s a good idea to bring it in to a local repair shop for an inspection.

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Timely Engine Repair Isn’t Cheap but It Could Save Your Car

Flooding is harmful to your vehicle for a number of reasons. First and foremost, your car’s engine is not designed to withstand water submersion. Sure, a little wetness from rain, snow, hail and other elements it can generally handle. But according to Car Talk, if the cylinders in your vehicle’s engine fill with water, they will likely lock, break or bend when the engine is turned over. This is not good. If your car has been sitting in water for several days, you might be better off having it towed to a local auto repair shop. An inspection will determine if you need engine repair including spark plug replacement.

When flooding occurs, many people assume that water seeps into the engine cylinders through the hood area. This isn’t always the case. Floodwater can also enter your vehicle’s engine through the exhaust system. Therefore, the flooding levels don’t necessary have to cover the hood in order to cause significant water damage as it is oftentimes thought.

Transmission Repair & Cooling System Service

Besides engine repair, other automotive systems may need work as well. Various systems of your car may need to be drained and replaced with fresh fluids that haven’t been compromised by the water. So this may mean a cooling system service such as a radiator flush or transmission work in the form of flushing your transmission line.

Keep in mind that if your vehicle was fully or nearly fully submerged in water for a significant period of time, general auto repair may not be able to help it. The damage could be so extensive that the vehicle needs to be salvaged. Only a thorough vehicle inspection will be able to determine if your car is fixable or not. The sooner you get the inspection done, the better your chances are for saving your vehicle. And lastly, before you do any of this be sure to check with your insurance policy on coverage.

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