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Deals on used cars can be great, but be sure to come in for a pre-purchase inspection!

Purchasing a previously owned car, truck or SUV can save you a lot of money. Brand-new, straight from the dealership vehicles lose their resale values quickly. With the right care and maintenance, quality used cars can last nearly as long as their new counterparts and provide far more bang for their buck.

Nonetheless, purchasing a used car does come with some risks. Perhaps the previous owner(s) didn’t take good care of it or maybe it was in an undisclosed wreck. How do you know if a used car is a worthwhile buy or not? One of the best ways to learn about a pre-owned car is with used car inspections.

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At Griffin’s we offer comprehensive pre-purchase vehicle inspections that cover all mechanical systems. Our used car inspections will also tell you how well a car was maintained and suggest any repairs that may be needed. What we include:

  • Our pre-purchase vehicle inspections include road tests, engine assessment, brake and suspension system assessment, AC and heater inspection, and a cooling, fuel and exhaust system inspection.
  • We include interior and exterior assessments for the little things that sometimes get overlooked such as the functionality of lights and signals as well as rust formation.
  • Specifically, we’ll look at fluid levels for your oil, transmission, power steering, brakes, and coolant. Low levels and gunky fluids could signal the vehicle was not well maintained.
  • For the pre-purchase car inspections, we’ll also take a look at wear and tear of various components, including brake pads or shoes, and tires.
  • We’ll inspect hoses, connectors, injector valves and gaskets for any tears, holes, ruptures or leaks. We can tell you if the timing belt, drive belt or water pump will need replacing soon.

    Note: In certain vehicles the timing belt is not easily accessible. When it is accessible we will check it.

  • We will assess each area and rate it as “good, fair or poor.” Our used car inspections evaluate up to 55 distinct points so it is both comprehensive and in-depth.

In almost all cases, the cost of used car inspections is worth it. Better to spend a little time and money up front to know if a vehicle is purchase-ready. If it is, that’s great! The inspection provides you with peace of mind and may advise you of a few areas of repair. If the inspection delivers bad news, then at least you know now!

At Griffin’s, our mechanics have been providing pre-purchase auto inspections since 1959. We place a high value on building trust with our customers and take pride in performing thorough inspections. Good news or bad, we will let you know and explain things to you in ways you can understand.

Considering buying used? Bring it in to our auto repair shop located in downtown Little Italy, San Diego for our pre-purchase car inspections.

You’ll be glad you did.

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