Top Summer Car Repair Problems

Though people tend to think that winter driving damages your vehicle the most, summer weather conditions can also cause a lot of harm to your vehicle. Heat and intense sun exposure puts excessive wear on your car and its many parts and systems.

Here are some common summer car repair problems all drivers should know about:

  • Lifeless Battery – Sure you’ve heard of dead battery problems in the winter, and those who live in frigid climates most likely carry a set of jumper cables in their car at all times. Yet the intense summer heat and excessive idling (especially here in southern California) can negatively impact your car’s battery life as well. The good news is most auto parts stores and repair shops will test the life of your battery for next to nothing. Unless you want to be stranded on the 5 or 405, it’s a good idea to get your battery tested once a year.

    tire blowout from heat

    Balding tire blowout from the heat. Image courtesy of Flickr.

  • Bang! Tire Blowouts – Flat tires are one of the more common car problems that happen in the summer. Hot black pavements and searing summer heat make a bad combination that increases the chances of getting a flat tire. Keeping your tires inflated to just the right air pressure level can help reduce the chances of blowouts and a trip to your local auto repair and tire shop.
  • Leak in Your Gas Tank’s Evaporative System – Rising temperatures increase the rate of liquid evaporation, including water and gasoline. As temperatures increase, so does pressures in your gas tank. When this happens, the tubing, valves and containers that control evaporative emissions are more likely to rip or tear. If this happens, your “check engine” repair light will come on and you’ll need to bring the vehicle in for inspection & repair.
  • Hot and Overheating – This is the summer car problem that is probably the most familiar to drivers. Too little coolant fluid and too hot of an engine is a bad combination. If your car starts to run hot, pull over immediately to let it cool. Add water or coolant once it cools down a bit and is safe to do so. Cooling system repair is not cheap but it is one summer repair that should never be put off.

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