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If you drive a car, truck or SUV, at one point or another you will have to take that vehicle into a San Diego auto repair shop. A typical job can cost $300 according to a recent Car MD report. Some, of course, can cost much more. But what types of auto repairs are most commonly performed and which are more rare?

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    Be sure to avoid costly engine repair!

    Hear Screeching When You Stop? You May Need Brake Repair – Replacing brake pads is a routine maintenance type of job that needs to be done per the manufacturer’s suggestion or when they show wear. In San Diego, brake repair costs are fairly inexpensive though drum or rotor replacements can cost more. Similar to other types of repair jobs, brakes now include built-in diagnostics’ systems requiring more labor and skill to complete. For this reason, they are now more costly to fix than they once were.

  2. Engine Repair Is Common But Not Always Expensive – In San Diego engine repair can come in a myriad of forms, such as replacing spark plugs and fuel injectors to repairing the actual engine components. These former repairs cost around $300 and are part of good maintenance habits. Engine mount repair, the latter of these, is by far the most expensive repair costing several thousands of dollars. Fortunately, it is also the least common type of repair. Regular oil changes can help prevent these types of more serious repairs, which involve the cylinders or pistons themselves.
  3. Jerky Gear Shifting Signals Transmission Repair Is Needed –Though common, transmission and clutch repair in San Diego is one of the more expensive repair jobs because they involve so many complicated moving parts and diagnostics’ systems. Gears not shifting smoothly or the car not accelerating properly are signs that the transmission may be in need of repair. As with most other mechanical issues, transmission repair is likely to be a less complicated job (i.e., less expensive) the sooner it is found and fixed.

So whether a San Diego auto repair is needed as part of your routine maintenance or part of the wear and tear that comes with age, now you know how common of a repair it is.

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