Tips for Volvo Repair and Maintenance

Volvos are not the most popular vehicle on the road. Yet Volvo drivers tend to love their one-of-a-kind vehicles and have high rates of brand loyalty. Some might even say Volvo owners are cultish in their love and devotion to their Scandinavian vehicles.

Volvo cars are well known for their high safety standards, longevity, and boxy, no-frills designs. As with every car manufacturer, Volvos have their own pros and cons, and one of the cons is the relatively high cost of auto parts and general Volvo car repair. Moreover, it can be a challenge to find certified and trained Volvo mechanics in San Diego outside the dealership. Despite these drawbacks, their record of safety and performance are well-documented.

Keep Your Volvo Running Strong and Avoid Costly Repair with These Tips:volvo repair and maintenance

  • Fluid Checks Prevent Transmission Troubles – One of the more common complaints about driving a Volvo has to do with difficulty shifting gears. While transmission or clutch issues should never be overlooked, regular transmission service is particularly important for Volvo vehicles. Regularly checking and changing transmission fluids is essential. Continuing to do hard shifts puts too much force on the transmission system and could cause bigger problems down the road. Experienced Volvo mechanics are aware of these issues and know what to look for when inspecting the vehicle’s transmission and clutch problem areas.
  • Avoid Harsh Engine Idles with Regular Oil Changes – Again, while oil changes are important in all vehicles, they are particularly important to driving smooth-running Volvos. Unique to the manufacturer, Volvos use a Flame Trap System rather than a more standard Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) system to vent gases and fumes. Because of this, oil tends to either clog or leak, which can damage the engine and ultimately cause major engine repair. Regular oil changes can prevent this sort of oil buildup and keep the engine running strong longer. A rough-sounding engine idle may be a sign of a drop in oil pressure and Volvo auto repair.
  • Headlight Burnout Concerns – One quirk about driving Volvos is that the headlights seem to have a shorter lifespans than they should. While there’s much speculation as to the cause of this, headlight burnout is somewhat of a common issue with some models. Changing out the bulbs can be done at home and does not require a Volvo mechanic. Yet it can be a nuisance and inconvenience to say for the least. If the same light keeps going out, however, it may be time for an electrical system inspection.

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