Tips for Fall Car Repair Service & Maintenance

In the cold winter months or hot summer days, the routine maintenance and car repair that needs to be done is more obvious. In the summer, make sure your coolant system has enough fluid to prevent a system freeze and auto cooling system repair. In the winter, get snow tires if you need them and check your battery to make sure it is fully charged.

car repair service and maintenance

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Yet in those in-between temperate months, it is less clear what if anything needs to be done to keep your vehicle in good working order. Your auto repair will be less costly if you keep your car, truck or SUV well maintained year round. Take care of those not-so-obvious but still important auto repairs and tune-ups, such as:

    • Check Those Wiper Blades
      Be ready for fall rain and storms by checking your windshield wipers. The hot summer sun can crack or warp your wipers as well as any other rubber-made component on your vehicle. As such, it may also be a good time to pop open the hood and check hoses for any fissures. Most manufacturers recommend wiper blades to be replaced every year, especially if your car is parked outside.
    • Minimize Cooling System Service in San Diego with Routine Care
      Any season is a good time to check your cooling system for any possible issues, and this includes autumn. If you have been negligent in checking your fluid levels all summer long — and you know who you are — then don’t continue to drive all throughout the fall months without doing this. Filling your coolant levels by using a mix of antifreeze and water can prevent big-time cooling system repair or even major engine repair. Just remember to never remove the radiator cap when the vehicle is hot!
    • Many Car Repair Shops Can Help Test Lights, Electrical System
      Lastly, because fall is a mild season, many automotive experts suggest checking your lights and your vehicle’s general electrical system during the fall season. Replacing light bulbs and fuses will only cost a few bucks whereas electrical work constitutes as a major auto repair. San Diego has a warm climate, which can be advantageous to the overall well-being of your vehicle. Yet time spent driving to the beach or sitting in traffic can take its toll on your lights and electrical systems. Changing bulbs or fuses can be a DIY job, but many auto repair shops can help with these tune-ups as well.

Take time to get these minor car repair services done in the fall and you won’t have to worry about a busted headlight in the winter months when it is darker earlier and for longer periods of time.

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