The Worst Auto Repair News

Just like most people dread visiting the doctor’s office for a checkup, most people dread visiting their local auto repair shop for a tune up. Much like going to the doctor’s, car owners fear that repair technicians will tell them some bad news that they don’t want to hear. This bad news will likely mean spending a lot of money on a major auto repair service and in the worst case scenario, it could mean having to get rid of the car entirely. Here is some of the worst news you can get from your mechanic:

  • engine seizedEngine Seized – The motor is the heart of your car and if it is damaged, you know it is going to be costly and time consuming to fix. Engine repair is expensive, there’s no getting around that fact. But cost isn’t the only reason hearing your engine seized is bad news. It is the worst because it is nearly 100% preventable. Most engine seizes are due to either lack of oil or dirty oil (and oil has to be very dirty to cause the engine to seize.) Popping the hood and checking your oil level with a dipstick can tell you if your oil levels need to be refilled. Oil changes within San Diego County usually run about $39 give or take. Skip it and instead you can spend $3500 to $10,000 and up for a new or refurbished engine.
  • Transmission “Soiled the Bed” – If you can no longer put your vehicle in drive or it makes a metal-on-metal grinding sound when you do, this could be a sign of major transmission troubles. “Soiled the Bed” is a term mechanics use to say the transmission is done – its components have fragmented and separated from the vehicle itself. This is sometimes preventable (lack of transmission fluid) and sometimes not (age and excessive wear can sometimes cause this). Either way, it is a signal for major transmission repair putting you out $3000 or more.
  • Short Circuit – Did you replace your car’s battery and hook up the cables the wrong way? Though many cars today have systems in place to prevent a full electrical system reversal, not all do. If you shocked your car’s electrical system as a result, that’s a pretty hefty auto repair bill. When in doubt about changing the car’s battery, ask for help from your local auto repair shop. This is way cheaper than paying for a new wiring system.

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