What Are the Real Costs of Hybrid Auto Repair in San Diego

With the price of gas hovering around $4.12 in San Diego, many motorists who are looking to save a few bucks consider purchasing a hybrid vehicle. Though hybrid vehicles may cost more upfront than standard sedans or coups, drivers think they will make up that extra expense with the money they save on gas. Other considerations do come into play when people think about purchasing a hybrid, such as being environmentally minded. Yet if cost-savings is the primary reason you purchased or are thinking about purchasing a hybrid car, make sure you take the time to research the true cost of owning and repairing a hybrid vehicle.

The Search Is On: Find San Diego Auto Repair Shops That Know Hybrids

hybrid auto bridge for maintenance monitoring

To encourage drivers to buy hybrid vehicles from the start, many manufacturers offer no cost extended warrantees for maintenance and basic hybrid auto repair at the dealership. This way, routine car repair at your San Diego dealership is covered for the first $100,000 miles or whatever the terms of the agreement. Yet once this expires or you need a hybrid auto repair service that falls outside the warrantee, finding a qualified and fair-priced auto mechanic can be challenging. This is because a large number of hybrid auto repair shops in San Diego do not have mechanics trained and experienced on working on this specialized car.

Some Auto Repair Service in San Diego for Hybrids Can Be Expensive

Certain types of car repair service and maintenance costs can be similar to those for standard vehicles. Oil changes, for instance, can be done at longer intervals than standard cars. Yet a major hybrid auto repair service such as a new battery, electrical system repair or even car engine repair for your hybrid vehicle can cost you quite a lot. Though they can last much longer than a standard car battery, replacing a hybrid car battery can cost you thousands. Moreover, finding such auto repair shops in San Diego that are qualified to do the job can be difficult. Unlike a standard car battery, no one but a certified mechanic who knows hybrid cars and their complex electrical system should ever try to change the battery of a hybrid car. Doing so could be deadly!

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