The Next Most Expensive San Diego Auto Repairs, Part II

In a recent post, we talked about the top three most expensive auto repairs, including auto engine, transmission, and clutch transmission repair. The top two might not surprise most people as engine and transmission repair have always been known to be expensive.

But with automobiles having changed so much in recent years with so many computerized parts, the costs of some basic auto repairs have risen considerably. In addition to all of these new parts, there are now replacements for parts that didn’t even exist years ago. So keeping this in mind, here are some other expensive auto repairs that you might not have even known about:

  • Replacement of the Transfer Case Shift Motor – Unless you are a gear head, chances are you have never heard of this largely unknown component, which plays a crucial role in switching a vehicle from two-wheel drive to four-wheel drive and back again. Technically it falls under the transmission repair category, but repair of the transfer case shift motor can cost almost as much as some transmission repairs in San Diego. This is because it is a highly specialized component requiring significant time and labor to replace.
  • Fuel Injector Pump Replacement – This is a costly auto repair service that you might not think would be so expensive. Moreover, it is a good example of a part that has gotten increasingly intricate in recent years with use of embedded computerized chips that monitor leaks and areas of seepage. Once a relatively simple San Diego auto repair, replacing today’s fuel injector pump has become a complex and costly job due to the labor, diagnostics and technology involved.
  • The Powertrain Torque Converter – Performing this repair job sounds pretty heavy and complex, and indeed it is. Part of the family of transmission repairs, the torque converter performs the function of the clutch in an automatic transmission system. Mechanics call this “fluid coupling.” To the non-mechanic, it is a device that enables cars to speed up and slow down quickly and gives the driver real power and “torque” when he needs it. Though it is only a part and not a complete system, the cost of replacing this sophisticated contraption is considerable.

It’s Unavoidable: Some Auto Repairs in San Diego Are Just Going to Cost More

Even though automobiles manufactured today last longer than they ever have, thanks to advances in technologies and electronics, the cost of certain parts have actually increased. Because these replacements require the hand of a skilled technician, you may end up paying more than you had initially counted on.

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