Summer Road Trip? Avoid Big Auto Repair Service in San Diego with These Tips

avoid auto repair service during your road trip

Or maybe just a weekend trip out to Anza Borrego?

Getting ready for that one final summer road trip requires packing all the right gear such as your snazzy swimsuit, your SPF 35 and beach flip flops. But as you get all your summer essentials together, take the time to get your car, truck or SUV ready for the road as well with these tips:

    • Need Auto AC Repair? – A properly functioning AC is crucial for an enjoyable summer vaca for both you and your passengers. Ideally it is best to get any necessary auto air conditioning repair in San Diego done before you begin your trip to avoid a long hot sticky car ride. Routine auto AC repair and maintenance can prevent an unfortunate AC breakdown on your trip making the ride unbearable – for everyone.
    • Cooling System Maintenance – To keep your engine running as it should it is important to make sure it doesn’t get too hot in the summer sun. Auto engine repair in San Diego or anywhere else can be costly. Should your engine overheat and seize up, you are in for a major car repair service. Depending on how much driving you are doing and the outside temperature, it is important to check your coolant levels regularly, though never when your car is still hot.
    • Inflated-Just-Right Tires – Your tires are more susceptible to pop or tear during the hot summer months when the external temperature causes the air inside the tires to expand. Braking too fast on a hot pavement can increase the likelihood of tearing the rubber on your tires as well. Avoid major car repair services in San Diego or wherever you travel by regularly checking your tires’ pressure.
    • San Diego Oil Change – Some people are guilty of changing their vehicle’s oil more than necessary. That being said, regular oil changes are necessary for optimum engine performance. Simply checking your vehicle’s oil levels (when the car is cool or at temperature) is a good way to keep it running smoothly and prevent auto engine repair. It only takes a few minutes and while this activity is important year-round, it is particularly important in the summer as you get ready for your road trip.

Avoid Major Auto Repair Service by Being Prepared

You might be tempted to pack your car, truck or SUV to the brim with all your gear and travel necessities without leaving enough room for car essentials, such as a spare tire and jack, jumper cables, coolant and of course water. Having these items on hand can help you better make it through an unexpected breakdown or tire blowout. If your “overheat” or “check engine light” comes on while you are traveling, it is a good idea to take it to one of the local car repair shops as soon as possible. Though it might hamper your travel plans a bit, it is the preferred option to high cost auto engine repair or other types of car repair services should you choose to let it go.

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