Struggling to Find Good Clutch Repair Shops in San Diego?

Auto repair shops that can properly provide clutch cable repair do still exist in this world of auto transmission vehicles. Whether it is due to congested commutes or greater system efficiencies, there are fewer and fewer manual transmission vehicles on the road today.

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But many car and truck drivers still love their stick-shifts and for these folks, avoiding unnecessary clutch repair is of top importance. If you are a manual transmission driver, consider the following tips to extend the life of your clutch and avoid expensive clutch cable repair:

  • Your Clutch Isn’t a Foot Rest — Think about the way you use your clutch every day to shift gears. Do you routinely “ride the clutch” – keep it midway between the full-up and full-down position? If so, you are putting unnecessary wear on your clutch causing it to erode faster than it would otherwise. Drivers will sometimes do this unknowingly while sitting in traffic because the clutch doubles as a resting place for your left foot. Don’t do it! Commit to changing this bad habit now and you can extend the life of your clutch, which means spending less money on clutch cable repair in the long run.
  • Go Ahead, Put Your Vehicle in Neutral –Any time you depress the clutch, you are eroding it a little bit. The key to healthy manual transmission driving and minimum clutch repair is to use your clutch only when you need to. At a red light, sitting in traffic, in the fast food drive-thru or waiting at a rail road stop, put your vehicle in neutral and release the clutch already. What’s the point in holding on your clutch the whole time? Do your foot – and your clutch — a favor by giving them both a well-deserved rest.
  • Avoid Downshifting Unless You Want Clutch Cable Repair – Okay, we get that it feels cool and it may be something professional drivers do but for most situations, downshifting using your clutch is NOT the best way to reduce your speed. Braking is still the best way to slow down, and if you downshift frequently when you shouldn’t, you are going to be in need of costly clutch cable repair before you know it.

Any clutch repair estimate within the San Diego area is probably not going to be cheap. Make your clutch last as long as possible by avoiding these poor, stick-shift driving habits.

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