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smartThey’re cute, fun, small and the most fuel-efficient cars on the road. Some might say these Smart Cars are more motor scooter than they are car because of their size and their ability to zip in and out of tight places. Smart Cars are proving to revolutionize the car world by focusing on the environmental effect of the car more than any other four-wheel vehicle on the road. And with gas prices climbing ever higher, these reduced carbon footprint vehicles are here to stay.

As unconventional as these cars and their drivers may be, they still need to find a repair shop equipped to handle Smart Car repair and maintenance work. Griffin’s Auto Repair is one such shop. We fix Smart Cars with the same care, dedication and skill we use when we fix all cars.

Our ASE-certified Smart Car mechanics know the intricacies and particulars of these types of cars so you can have peace of mind knowing your Smart Car maintenance is in trained, capable hands. Manufactured in Germany and widely sold in Europe, Smart Cars gained popularity in the U.S. in 2008. Since we service a lot of German-designed vehicles such as Audis and Volkswagens, we began to incorporate the Smart Car into the makes and models of cars we repair.

And though we’ve been performing Smart Car service & maintenance for a few years now, we’ve been repairing vehicles here in San Diego County for 55+ years. Our loyal customer base and our record of customer service are evidence to the quality or our workmanship as well as our mechanics.

Look no further than Griffin’s for your go-to Smart Car repair shops

We have the know how and experience you need to perform Smart Car auto repair because you can’t bring your car in for repairs to just any shop in town and hope they’ll figure it out. As with the other cars we repair so much on smart cars too such as: engine repair, transmission service & repairs, suspension and steering repair, brake repair, radiator and cooling system repair and much more. We even can fix your air conditioning and heating units as well as your computer and electrical systems. And, just like all our other repair work, we provide an 24K-mile or 24-month warranty – whichever comes first.

At Griffin’s Auto Repair, Smart Car repair and maintenance doesn’t have to be expensive or a hassle. So bring your car in to our shop today, talk to our Smart Car service specialist experts and take advantage of our mechanics’ knowledge and expertise.

You’ll be glad you did.

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