Reduce Costs of Audi Car Repair in San Diego

When purchasing a new or used car, most people do some research and assessment on vehicle quality, price, performance, and more. When conducting their investigation, however, many drivers forget to take into consideration the cost of auto repair and maintenance as this can vary significantly depending on the model.

Audi Q5 Repair in San Diego Take for instance the German automobile manufacturer Audi. Few can argue that it isn’t a highly calibrated piece of machinery with intricate detailing, top-notch performance and award-winning engineering. But owning and driving such a vehicle will cost you a lot in terms of general Audi car repair. The Audi A8 L W12 luxury sedan, for instance, is ranked one of the top 10 most expensive cars on the market to repair. (Okay, so the sports car looks like a futuristic rocket so maybe you would expect it, but probably not for the sedan.)

Find a Trained and Certified Audi Mechanic in San Diego

Because they require such special handling and care, an Audi mechanic might charge up to 35-50 percent more per hour than other manufacturers because of the expertise and knowledge required for Audi auto repair. A study by Forbes found Audi repair in Southern California to be about $250 an hour compared to $150 an hour for non-luxury auto repair services. Such high performance vehicles today require complicated mechanical and electronics repair & service. Some Audi models can have as many as 20 different computer systems.

Brake repair, which used to be a fairly straightforward job, now involves using expensive computerized components to complete the repair. For the consumer, this means the job will take longer for the Audi mechanic to perform and will cost you more in labor. Multiply this for every major component – from transmission repair to cooling system maintenance – and it is easy to see how these extra costs can add up.

Bypass the Dealership to Save on Audi Service in San Diego

Automakers like Audi include limited warrantees with their new vehicle purchases as incentive to compensate for maintenance costs. Yet when these warrantees expire, many owners continue to take their vehicles in to the dealership for expensive repairs. It is possible to find high quality and priced right Audi repair shops outside the dealership. Look for auto car repair shops with Audi mechanics trained by the manufacturer and ASE certified.

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