Prevent Overheating With Regular Cooling System Maintenance

As with all machines and mechanical devices, some types of repair work are more crucial than others. Though less than ideal, auto suspension repair, where the car pulls to one side when you are driving straight, can sometimes be put off. In fact, you may not even notice the misalignment until it becomes more severe. Others, cannot and should not be ignored…
Cooling system maintenance

Steer Clear of Major Car Engine Repair by Minding Overheating Signals

Yet for other types of car repair, such as cooling system repair, it is absolutely essential to take care of the matter as soon as possible. If left untreated, an overheating vehicle can become a colossal engine repair fast. Automotive engine repair is more than likely one of the most expensive repairs that can be done. That’s why continuing to drive a car after the “overheat” warning light comes on is never recommended.

Overheating? Take Your Car to Auto Repair Service in San Diego ASAP

By getting regular cooling system maintenance, you can stay on top of common service issues and fix a small problem before it becomes a major one. To prevent overheating, make sure to:

  • Check Your Coolant Levels – Proper fluid levels are essential to a properly functioning engine. If your vehicle’s fluid levels are low, your car engine is going to have to work a lot harder — and get a lot hotter — increasing the likelihood of it overheating. With most cars, you can easily pop the hood and give a visual inspection to see if the fluid levels are low. Provided the engine is cool and has been sitting for some time, pop off the cap and refill fluid levels to the “fill line.” There’s no need to get carried away and fill it to the brim as that fluid will just evaporate and be wasted.
  • Fresh and Flushed Fluid — More than just making sure your coolant fluid is filled to the proper level, you should make sure the fluid itself is clean and fresh. An annual radiator flush, as part of a regular cooling system maintenance check, can prevent residue build-up that can clog and congest your system.
  • Check Your CapSkip the major cooling system service during these hot, dry summer & fall months in San Diego, by carefully inspecting your vehicle’s cap and that it is sealing properly. A damaged or ill-fitting cap can cause the system’s seal to be broken thereby making it work a lot harder to produce the same effect. It can also allow more fluid to escape from the coolant system. Both these factors can contribute to the overheating of a vehicle. Fortunately, a cap is much easier and cheaper to replace than other types of cooling system repairs so it is best to take care of it as soon as you can.

Auto cooling system repairs do not have to be expensive, even in San Diego. With regular maintenance and conducting your own visual inspections on your vehicle, you can keep costs down and avoid overheating and major car engine repair

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