Hybrid Car Repair Service May Now Cost Less

For years, hybrid automobiles were touted for their fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness. General auto repair services in San Diego for hybrid cars was notably high-priced and served as a big deterrent against purchasing these newer, low carbon-emission vehicles. Many people expected the sticker price to be high because the technology invested into hybrid vehicles was so state of the art and advanced. But even simply oil changes for hybrid cars could be quite expensive.

hybrid car repairToday, more and more auto repair shops perform routine maintenance and repair for hybrid vehicles as standard. As such, drivers of hybrid vehicles no longer have to search all over town or rely exclusively on the dealership to find that one repair shop that knows how to perform such hybrid vehicle repairs properly.

As Hybrids Become More Common Repair Costs Drop

Now it seems the tide has somewhat shifted. The costs of auto repair services for hybrid vehicles dropped in 2014 while the cost of non-hybrid services stayed the same or got more expensive. This is notable because this is the first time this has ever happened since the hybrid cars were first brought onto the market. Today, from Ford to Chevy and from Honda to Hyundai, a number of automobile manufacturers build hybrid vehicles. The Toyota Prius however remains the most popular of all hybrid auto makers.

More Local Auto Mechanics Trained on Hybrid Tune-ups

One reason for this drop in cost is that more auto mechanics in San Diego are learning and becoming certified in hybrid auto repair. As more maintenance & repair shops in the area become proficient and skilled in performing this type of specialized fixes, costs inevitably go down. Part availability has also increased as more drivers choose fuel efficient vehicles which has made their costs go down as well. Though it varies by state, some locations have estimated hybrid vehicle repairs have dropped by as much as 50 percent. One of the downsides to owning hybrid vehicles is the cost of replacing hybrid batteries, which remain quite pricey at around $3,000 but they last several years.

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