How to Find Quality Auto Repair After an Accident

Getting into an automobile accident is an extremely stressful event, and is something most drivers don’t want to think about. In addition to the shake-up of the accident itself and recovering from any injuries, drivers have to file a claim with the insurance companies, work with local law enforcement, and get their car repaired as soon as possible.

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All things considered, finding quality auto repair in San Diego should be one of the least stressful parts of dealing with the aftermath of an automobile accident. Unfortunately, some insurance companies and auto repair shops don’t make it easy.

Tips on Proceeding with Car Repair After an Automobile Accident

First things first, the damage done to the vehicle must first be assessed and estimated. The insurance companies most likely will conduct the estimates themselves and an appraiser will determine how much the work should cost. If the vehicle is in driving condition, it may be suggested that the owner take it into a quality auto repair shop for an estimate as well.

Vehicle owners should be aware of both high-ball and low-ball offers. Any car repair shop that gives an over the top estimate may be trying to pad the bill and take the insurance company for a ride. Likewise, if the low ball offer comes from the insurance company estimate, they may be trying to pay as little as possible. The two estimates should somewhat match up with regard to cost and what work needs to be done.

When Choosing Auto Repair Shops in San Diego, Who Decides?

Some insurance companies will try to bully drivers to use certain auto repair shops as a result of Direct Referral Program Contracts. These agreements give insurance companies discounts and serve the best interest of the insurer rather than the claimant. Unless the policy specifically stipulates that drivers must only use certain repair shops, drivers should try to take their cars to reputable shops of their choosing that provide legitimate estimates. Drivers may also consider getting damage estimates from two or three different car repair shops if they can.

Getting legitimate car repair estimates and finding the best auto repair shop for the job is the first steps drivers must take upon getting their vehicle repaired after a collision.

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