Hear that Shriek? It Might be Time for Brake Repair

What could be more important than stopping when you need to stop? Whether it is applying the brakes for a stop-sign you see coming or slamming on the brakes when you are unexpectedly cut-off by a thoughtless driver, your vehicle must stop when you apply the brakes in order to drive safely. That’s why brake repair is so important.

brake disc repair

No matter the type of vehicle, regular brake inspections and repair and SUPER important for your safety & the safety of others.

Unfortunately, there are no red-flag warnings as to when you should get brake repair. Your manufacturer’s manual may make suggestions, but they are broad ranges leaving a lot of room for interpretation. Those who drive in urban, heavy traffic commutes will likely need brake repair more often than those who have a country commute without a lot of stop-and-go. In Los Angeles and San Diego, where traffic is plenty and empty stretches of road aren’t, you will more than likely need brake repair more often.

Tire Rotation Is a Good Time for Inspection and Brake Repair

When you take your vehicle in to any auto repair shop for tire rotation, this is a good time to have the mechanic look at the brake pads’ wear as well. Since this should be done every six- to twelve-months, it is a good time for an eyeball inspection. It ensures a minimal gap time between quality brake inspections. It is also easy for your mechanic to do this since they are already assessing and rotating your tires.

Sensors Make Brake Pad Replacements an Easy Choice

Some newer car models have sensors on the brake pads that notify the vehicle’s dashboard system when they are over worn and need replacement. However, not all vehicles have these new technologies. While helpful, these sensors have increased the cost of brake repair as the parts and labor involved are more expensive.

Old-fashioned detection methods of worn brakes include hearing a mild squealing sound when you apply them. This occurs when the metal tab on the pad contacts the rotor. A harsher grinding sound could mean brake replacement is overdue. Of course making such determinations based on brake squealing or grinding sounds is more art than science, which is why an inspection from an auto repair shop may be your best advice. As properly working brakes are so vitally important, brake repair costs should be of little concern.

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