Heading to the Beach? Don’t Forget These Summer Auto Tips

Summertime in San Diego means sunbathing at the beach, surfing the waves, taking out the boat and enjoying all the coastal attractions that make the city and its shorelines a world-wide vacation destination.

summer repair tips

Ah…. Summer in San Diego in here! @Black’s Beach

Yet summertime in San Diego can wreak havoc on your car in a number of different ways. In fact summer can be a busy time for auto repair shops for a number of reasons. So don’t be tempted to overlook car repair and maintenance this hot-weather season while you are out enjoying all that Southern California has to offer.

Tips To Stay on Top of San Diego Auto Repair This Summer:

    • It’s All About Cooling Systems – Just like you, your car needs to stay cool and keep a low temperature when it gets hot outside. Cooling systems constitute a large percentage of local repairs during those hot summer months. Stay ahead of this by regularly checking your coolant levels and keeping an eye on the temperature gauge. If you keep having to refill the fluid, this could be a sign of a leak. Most shops can perform a simple visual or pressure inspection to detect leaks or tears. If you fluid is gunky, a system flush may be in order. Remember a cooling system service or flush is far cheaper than a complete cooling system repair. This, in turn, is far cheaper than engine repair, which could happen if you drive an overheated vehicle.
    • And Staying Cool with Auto AC Repair in San Diego – Just like a leaky roof only bothers you when it’s raining, a shoddy air conditioner only bothers you when you’re stuck in traffic on the 5 in mid-July. If you haven’t already done so, bring your car in for an AC repair or tune up. The sooner you get the AC serviced, the sooner you can be on your way to a comfortable drive, even if you do have to sit in stop-and-go traffic.
    • Screech Your Tires at Your Own Risk – Hot pavements and blacktops take their toll on your car tires causing them to wear and break down faster. Depending on how much you drive, make sure you routinely check your tire pressure. Busted tires are more common in summer due to driving on hot pavements. Slamming on your brakes or speeding

So don’t neglect proper car repair and maintenance this summer as you cruise around San Diego. You’ll enjoy summer more with a well-tuned, properly function automobile.

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