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Jag drivers know finding done-right Jaguar repair can be more of challenge than for drivers of other automobiles. British-made Jaguars are in their own class and so should be your Jaguar repair shop. Yet regular Jaguar service and maintenance is essential to keeping your vehicle running strong for as long as possible. While this is true with all sedans, it is particularly true for Jaguar specialty vehicles.

jaguar auto repairHow Well Does Your Repair Shop Know Jaguar Vehicles?

Getting your Jaguar vehicle maintenance performed on schedule is important but it is not always as easy as it sounds. Newer model Jaguar cars have two maintenance schedules: factory scheduled maintenance and condition based service. The former is based on mileage or a familiar length of time (30,000 miles or 3 years) while the latter is based on specifically how you drive the car. Jaguars are such advanced, complex vehicles that they are able to specifically tailor their own Jaguar service schedules. As such, it is important that your local car repair shop is familiar with these different maintenance timelines.

For best results, follow the condition based Jaguar service schedule
By getting Jaguar repairs as suggested by the condition based service guide, you can ensure you are getting the most for your automobile investment. Though it may cost more upfront, regular maintenance on the tailored schedule can save money over time by preventing major Jaguar replacement work from having to be done. For instance many Jaguar owners have found they need transmission service performed before the factory scheduled maintenance timeline. By following this schedule, you can avoid costly transmission repair later on.

Oftentimes repairs for Jaguars can be more expensive than repair for other vehicle makes and models. Parts for Jaguars can be costly as well. But when getting Jaguar repair from a local repair shop, make sure they use authentic OEM parts rather than substandard ones. If necessary, quality used Jaguar parts are preferable to off-market parts if you are looking to save money on repairs and maintenance services. Off-market parts can be inferior and in some cases even be a safety issue.

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