Environmentally Friendly Auto Repair and Maintenance Tips

Adopting “going green” maintenance habits are a good way to both help out the environment and your wallet. You don’t have to be a proverbial tree-hugger to recognize that poor driving habits and car repair practices cost you money and can unnecessarily harm the environment. Here are few things you can do to take care of your car and the earth, which will probably save you some green too.

  • eco friendly car repairAvoid Overly Aggressive Driving – Did you know that rapidly accelerating and braking for no reason is a sure fire way to excessively burn fuel and damage your engine, transmission, and brakes? Destructive driving is one of the top reasons cars go into auto repair shops earlier than they should have to. Unless you like spending your money on engine or transmission repair, avoid aggressive driving to keep your vehicle in top condition.
  • Dispose of Oil with Care – If you change your vehicle’s oil at home instead of getting an oil change at a repair shop, you should make sure you dispose of it properly. The city of San Diego lists events and places on its website where you can properly recycle it. Many auto repair garages will do this for you as well. And you don’t have to be an environmentalist to recognize that dumping motor oil into the street drain — which leads to the Pacific ocean — is a total jerk move.
  • Load and Unload – Extra cargo in your vehicle causes it to work harder, which means you burn through more fuel faster. If you haul around a bunch of stuff in your car for no reason, take the time to remove it to reduce your emissions and save money.
  • Timely Engine Repair and Maintenance – Following your manufacturer’s manual for general repairs, maintenance and services will not only lengthen the life of your car and help it run better but will also reduce emissions. An engine operating at its prime with properly replaced spark plugs can improve fuel efficiency by 30%.

So don’t overlook going green car repair just because you drive an SUV, big van or aging pickup truck. Everyone can benefit financially and otherwise from “greening” your car anywhere!

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