Don’t Stall! Transmission Repair Can’t Wait

Transmission troubles are no fun and transmission repair in San Diego or anyplace else really can cost you quite a lot. The cost of a transmission service can be one of the most expensive auto repair services there are. For this reason, it is important to come in and diagnose your problem as soon as possible for the least complicated, lowest cost auto repair service possible. But when something is askew with your car, truck, or SUV, how do you know it’s the transmission versus car transmission repairsome other system? Here are a few hints to consider:

    • Take a Close Look at Your Fluids – If your transmission fluid level is low or if the fluid itself is discolored, that’s a clear indication of a problem. Low levels may signal a leak. If you see the pooling of an unknown fluid under your car, don’t ignore it. The sooner a leak is detected and fixed the lower your overall transmission repair costs.
    • Odd Sounds and Jerky Movements Could Signal Transmission Repair – Though these things aren’t quite as easy to spot, if your vehicle makes a strange whirring sound when you shift it in drive accompanied by a jolt of sorts, this signals something is amiss with the transmission. Gear changes should be smooth and that humming sound means your transmission is struggling and working harder than it should.
    • Smell Something Burning – It could be your transmission fluid from overheating. This is a problem and may signal that a repair or transmission flush is needed. A burning smell should not be taken lightly and deserves to be looked at by a car repair specialist for proper diagnosis.

Rough Driving Requires More Frequent Transmission Services

It is also worth mentioning that if you regularly drive your car, truck or SUV over tough terrain, haul heavy loads, or expose it to harsh environments, the transmission may need more frequent flushes or other transmission services. Such conditions require your transmission to work harder and put an additional strain on it. Frequent brake-and-go driving from sitting in heavy traffic can also damage your transmission.

Transmission complications are one of those things that shouldn’t be overlooked. Addressing a problem when it is small can save you hundreds of dollars in transmission service. So why stall?

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