Common BMW Auto Repairs

BMWs are some of the finest vehicles on the road today. Made in Germany and recognized for their power, safety, and styling, BMWs capture the attention of drivers, passengers and on-lookers the world over.

Yet despite their reputation for high class and luxury, BMW cars aren’t without their problems. More than regular maintenance and BMW oil changes, these vehicles need added love and care if they are to function at optimal levels. Knowing common repairs for these automobiles and trouble spots can help keep you one step ahead of your BMW auto repair and maintenance duties. For instance electronic problems, coolant system issues, window regulator problems and oil leaks and leaky gaskets are some well-known BMW problem areas.

A Guide to BMW Repair and Widespread Issues

Before we break down some of these specific problem areas, let’s provide some review for purchasing a Bayerische Motoren Werke as well as BMW repair and maintenance. Though costly, BMWs are generally regarded as some of the most highly regarded vehicles on the road. That being said, those who wish to drive a BMW without paying full price can do so by purchasing used. This can be a smart option because not only will it save you cash, it also offers good value because cared-for BMWs typically have long lifespan. Be sure the original owner can to show the regular BMW repair and maintenance performed on the car prior to purchase.

BMW Repair Costs

Along the lines of cost, it is true that standard BMW repair and maintenance will probably cost more overall than say auto repair for a GM car. If you go to a BMW dealer you can expect that the costs may be even higher then you might expect.  In fact going this route can mean that you are with the other Bimmer owners who experience the highest cost of maintenance out of every make.  This is true with most luxury foreign cars. While you don’t need to go to a specialty BMW auto repair shop, you do want to go to one with mechanics trained in BMW auto repair. A smart way to find a reputable bmw auto repair shop near you is by searching  In fact you can see our great reviews for San Diego BMW repair there as well.  If you are in San Diego, you’re in luck and can discuss repairs and maintenance with our knowledgable german auto repair experts.  

So the short-end is if you are looking for a budget vehicle that requires lower cost auto repairs, a BMW might not be for you.  Consumer reports published data that bmw’s will cost 3x the average cost of maintenance each year.  That came out to an average of $1,100 per year.

Frequently Reported BMW Repairs

We know, we know, you bought a BMW so you didn’t have to worry about auto repairs or problems, right? Unfortunately, no auto manufacturer is perfect and while BMWs have an excellent auto repair record, it is not spotless.

Shocking: Electrical Issues Plague BMWs

Electrical system problems are no fun. More than other auto repairs, they can be difficult to detect and fix in newer cars. Today most electrical system BMW repair involves more than simply testing the alternator and battery. In fact it is likely the complexities of these systems that cause the problems to begin with.

Evaluating a BMW’s electrical system requires the right instruments to get the job done correctly and efficiently. Generally speaking, these auto repairs require some trial and error though proper diagnostics equipment can minimize this. So if your vehicle’s electrical system is giving you troubles, take it to a BMW repair shop with state-of-the-art diagnostics to get the job done right.

BMW Coolant Repairs Are Another Common Issue

The high functionality of your vehicle’s cooling system is essential to its longevity. A faulty cooling system could lead to the engine overheating, which most likely means you will have to spend big bucks on radiator or cooling system repair. Unfortunately, major problems have been reported with cooling systems requiring BMW coolant repair. This is particularly true for the BMW 325i model.

What happens is coolant tends to leak from the expansion tank, which means the engine is not being cooled properly. As a result, it is more likely to overheat. In these situations, there also tends to be other problems with components of the cooling system. If you detect puddles of greenish fluid on the ground under your vehicle or if the dashboard temperature gauge shows the engine is running hotter than it should, it’s a good idea to bring the vehicle in for an inspection and BMW coolant repair.

Is Your BMW 325i Leaking Oil? Don’t Panic (Yet)

The good news is oil leaks coming from your BMW 325i series may be attributed to an aging valve cover gasket and not due to a serious engine problem. This leaky gasket generally occurs after the 60,000-mile mark, and a BMW oil change might be a good time to spot this issue. If you notice you have to refill your oil more often than you should, this could also be a sign of the leaky gasket. Replacing a gasket is a lot less expensive than BMW engine repair, and a veteran mechanic is likely to be familiar with this somewhat common BMW problem.

BMW Window Regulators Repair For E46 Models

A minor issue when compared to cooling system and engine repair, window regulators for the BMW E46 model have shown to be a major hassle. Broken window regulators cause the car windows to not open and close properly. Replacing BMW window regulators is a rather common repair for the e46 models. So if your vehicle’s window won’t open or close as it should, know you are not alone in experiencing this aggravation.

Check Your Mailbox for Recalls and BMW Repair

Recalls for all auto manufacturers have increased in recent years, and BMW is no exception. Notably, the BMW 3 Series has a wide range of vehicles, more than five separate vehicle component malfunctions, including issues with the fuel pump, loose bolts for the engine area, and brake assist power issues.

Most recently, recalls were issued for BMW 5-Series for having issues with a wiring problem that can lead to a stalled engine. (This recall is preemptive.) If you own one of these vehicles, you will likely receive a formal notification in the mail providing instruction regarding proper BMW repair. Usually fixes issued by BMW recalls are performed at no cost to you, the vehicle owner.  You can also check BMW recall database to make sure that your car is update to date with all the necessary recall repairs. 

An Ounce of Prevention

Outside of the common issues that occur with BMW’s, you will want to go the extra mile to ensure that regular preventative maintenance is followed.  This is a high performance machine so things such as bmw timing belts repairs, and bmw brake repair be completed on schedule.  With preventative maintenance you can be sure that your BMW will avoid costly repairs where possible and will have a long, luxurious life in San Diego.

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