Choosing an Auto Repair Shop in After an Accident, Part II

As previously discussed, the first thing the vehicle owner should do after an accident is get damage estimates prepared by at least two auto repair shops in your area. These estimates should line up with the ones the insurance company performs and should neither be too high or too low. Once this crucial step is done, however, the vehicle owner has many other things to take into consideration.

  • minor auto shop repairAdditional Vehicle Damage Found after the Fact – This actually happens all the time. An auto repair shop will give an estimate and then find additional damage not originally included. When this happens, the auto repair shop should contact the insurance company and obtain a new quote. The insurance company may send over an appraiser to review. If it is legit, the insurance company should approve the additional auto repair work. It should be noted that the repairs should not be performed unless the vehicle owner approves.
  • Inferior Auto Parts Being Used – Auto insurance companies are always trying to save a buck or two. One way they do this is by using used or non-OEM parts. Vehicle owners do not have to accept this. The standard policy agreement is that whatever part was in the vehicle previously is the type of part that should be replaced. That is, an OEM part ought to be replaced with an OEM part. Auto repair replacements with lower quality parts is something drivers should pay attention to, particularly if the other guy’s insurance is paying for the auto repair service.
  • Using an Appropriate Auto Repair Shop – It goes without saying that vehicle owner should not be forced to use an auto repair shop that is not to their liking or not up to the job. For instance, it is not okay for BMW, Mercedes Benz or Audi drivers to have their car repair performed by shops not familiar with these manufacturers. By pushing back with the insurance companies and familiarizing themselves with their auto insurance policies, drivers can demand to be treated fairly.

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