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DIY Auto Repair and Oil Change Mistakes

DIY Oil Change Tips

If auto mechanics were comedians, they’d have a lot of laugh-out-loud stories to share about Do-It-Yourself auto repair gone wrong. From more common auto repair errors to “You did what!” expletives, any seasoned mechanic will have his or her tales

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Car Won’t Start? Check your Battery…

It’s early Monday morning and after a weekend with family and friends, you are ready to get back into the work routine. You load the kids up for school, grab your coffee cup and get ready to hit the road.

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More Than a Sticky Mess? What a Puddle Can Tell You

No one wants to see a large puddle of fluid sitting under their car as they are heading out to work in the morning. Some drivers might pretend they don’t see the fluid accumulation while others might dismiss it a

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Auto Repair Tips for Greater Summer Fuel Efficiency

Some call it the sun tax or the beach tax: either way, most everything seems to be more expensive in Southern California, and fuel for your vehicle is no exception. While gas prices across the nation are on a downward

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Top Auto Repairs in San Diego

If you drive a car, truck or SUV, at one point or another you will have to take that vehicle into a San Diego auto repair shop. A typical job can cost $300 according to a recent Car MD report.

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Don’t Stall! Transmission Repair Can’t Wait

Transmission troubles are no fun and transmission repair in San Diego or anyplace else really can cost you quite a lot. The cost of a transmission service can be one of the most expensive auto repair services there are. For

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Take the Mystery Out of the Check Engine Light

You’re driving your car along the highway and everything seems fine. Then for no apparent reason, the dreaded “check engine” light pops on and your heart races. You arrive safe and sound to your destination but the spend the next

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How to Find Quality Hybrid Car Repair in San Diego

Finding distinctive yet reasonably priced hybrid car repair service for a standard, gasoline-only fueled vehicle can be a big enough challenge. If you own a hybrid vehicle, finding an auto mechanic in San Diego, CA who is up to the

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What Are the Real Costs of Hybrid Auto Repair in San Diego

With the price of gas hovering around $4.12 in San Diego, many motorists who are looking to save a few bucks consider purchasing a hybrid vehicle. Though hybrid vehicles may cost more upfront than standard sedans or coups, drivers think

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Welcome to Griffin’s Auto Repair!

We’ve made a number of changes to our website over the last couple of months in order to provide better information about our services for you!  This blog is the biggest feature we’ve added, as we want to write about

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