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DIY Auto Repair and Oil Change Mistakes

DIY Oil Change Tips

If auto mechanics were comedians, they’d have a lot of laugh-out-loud stories to share about Do-It-Yourself auto repair gone wrong. From more common auto repair errors to “You did what!” expletives, any seasoned mechanic will have his or her tales

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More Than a Sticky Mess? What a Puddle Can Tell You

No one wants to see a large puddle of fluid sitting under their car as they are heading out to work in the morning. Some drivers might pretend they don’t see the fluid accumulation while others might dismiss it a

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Getting an Oil Change? How It’s Done and Why It’s So Important

Every vehicle owner knows they are supposed to take in their car to get regular oil changes. Here inn San Diego and across the nation, routine oil changes and related maintenance can keep your car running in top condition for

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Need a 3,000-mile Oil Change? Probably Not

Decades ago, when cars guzzled gas, ran dirty and had square, rectangular corners instead of aerodynamic curves, a regular 3,000-mile oil change was necessary to keep your automobile running clean and smooth. Yet a lot of technological advances have occurred

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