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Why Choose an Independent BMW Repair Shop?

Independent BMW Repair Shop

Finding high-quality, low-priced BMW service in San Diego can be a challenge for any bimmer driver. Rather than searching around town, many BMW owners opt for the default route and bring their vehicles to the dealership. Yet going to the

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7 Point Big Bear Auto Repair Checklist

Big Bear Mountain Travel Tips

It’s not often that the phrases “prepare your car for winter driving” and “Southern California road trips” are heard together. But with this season’s near record snow fall, skiers and snowboarders from across the region are headed to the slopes

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Tips for Winterizing Your Vehicle

winterizing your Dan Diego vehicle

Yes even in sunny San Diego, it is important to prep your vehicle to get it winter ready. Whether you plan on driving to the mountains to enjoy skiing or just want to make sure your car is ready for

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Common BMW Auto Repairs

BMWs are some of the finest vehicles on the road today. Made in Germany and recognized for their power, safety, and styling, BMWs capture the attention of drivers, passengers and on-lookers the world over. Yet despite their reputation for high

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When Is The Right Time For Cooling System Maintenance?

Putting off auto repairs for your car or truck is a poor habit.  Just like going to the doctor’s office for that pain that won’t go away or scheduling an appointment with the dentist for that achy tooth, many people

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Surpass 100,000 Miles with On-Time Auto Repair and Maintenance

Many years ago, it was a rarity to drive a vehicle up to or passed 100,000 miles. Usually the type of car owner who accomplished such a feat was known for going to great lengths to ensure that every auto

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Questions About AC repair? We’ve Got Answers

AC repair for any vehicle tends to be the type of repair job many drivers don’t think about until something goes wrong. While these same drivers may do a good job of getting regular oil changes, tune-ups and mileage maintenance

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What to Expect for Auto Repairs at the 40,000-50,000 Mile Interval

To help extend the life of your vehicle, regular service and maintenance is essential. But what type of auto repair and maintenance services are required and how often? Though it varies across automotive manufacturers — and you should always follow

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How Auto Repair Has Changed Over the Years

Automotive repair has shifted dramatically in recent years thanks to advances in technology. What was once hands-on nut and bolts work with wrenches and screwdrivers is now push-button and computer work with mainframe resets. These modernizations in auto repair have

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Get Ready for Memorial Day with These Auto Repair Tips

“May Gray” is in full effect this year in normally sunny San Diego. So if you are looking to get out of town this Memorial Day weekend, you will have some company on the roads. AAA is predicting that highways

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