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Faulty Airbags, Recalls & Keeping Your Ride Safe


If it seems like there have been more recalls lately related to automotive repair than there usually is, you have been paying attention. From Ford to Toyota repair, recalls have been happening in record number in recent years and this

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Used Car Alert: Beware of an Uptick of Flood-damaged Cars

beware of flooded used cars

Recent hurricanes in Houston and the state of Florida have left record-level devastation tearing up homes, buildings, city infrastructure and of course vehicles. The cleanup effort after these storms will be a colossal undertaking. Restoring power, rebuilding roads and bridges,

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Your Right to Auto Repair: What the New Law Means

Car Repair Law San Diego

Independent auto repair shops and do-it-yourselfers everywhere are celebrating a win regarding the right to repair legislation. In a quiet but impactful legal victory 12+ years in the making, franchise and independent auto repair shops beat out the auto manufacturers

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Beat the Heat! Recharging Car Air Conditioner with a DIY Kit

Summer Car Care Tips For San Diego

Summertime in San Diego means trips to the beach, BBQs, and picnics. It can also mean more time stuck in traffic while you and everyone else heads to the shorelines for swimming, surfing or just soaking up some sun.

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A Guide to Auto Repair Troubleshooting for Consumers

Consumer Trouble Shooting Guide

Providing routine auto repair and maintenance for your car, truck or SUV can help guarantee its long life expectancy. By familiarizing yourself with a handful of auto repair troubleshooting tips, including transmission, brake and air conditioning repair, you can start

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Common VW Car Repair for the VR6 Engine

common VW Car Repairs

Despite the wide range of Volkswagen makes and models, there are fewer VR6 engine vehicles on the road today, and this trend is likely to continue. Though devoted fans of the Volkswagen VR6 engine love its smooth sounding engine and

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Skipping Routine Auto Maintenance? Here’s What That’ll Cost You.

San Diego Auto Repair Shop

Auto repair and maintenance are two necessary yet mildly unpleasant tasks adult car owners must do in order to keep their cars running 100,000 miles or more. Yet many people put off car repair and maintenance the same way they

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Is it time for European Engine Repair or Just a Tune Up?

Griffin's Auto Tune Up

Regular car repair and maintenance can help keep your vehicle on the road for many miles and years to come. Everyone knows regular oil changes can support your car’s overall health, but what other types of auto repair services are

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Simple Clutch Repair and Manual Transmission Service Tips

clutch and transmission repair tips

Automatic transmission vehicles dominate the landscape in North America, and this trend doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. Though more motorists drive clutch vehicles in Europe, fewer than 10 percent of vehicles sold in recent years in the

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6 Signs Your Car Needs Brake Repair

6 signs you need brake repair

The importance of stopping your car precisely when you need to cannot be overstated. To avoid an unexpected collision, your car must stop at that exact moment when you apply pressure to the brake pedal. Otherwise, you run the risk

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