As Automatic Braking Systems Become Standard, Brake Repair Remains Important

When driving your vehicle, few things are more important than making your car stop when you need it to. Whether it is slowing down at a red-light or slamming on your brakes to avoid a crash, a high-functioning braking system is paramount.

automatic braking systems

With bumper-to-bumper traffic, are automatic brake repair systems the ultimate answer?

To improve roadway safety the U.S. Department of Transportation has taken steps to make automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems standard on vehicles starting in 2018. These systems have been around for several years as an add-on feature to select vehicles. As the new automatic braking technology proves its life-saving capabilities, leaders at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) are seeking to push its widespread adoption. Yet even with these technological advancements and government mandates, driving safely is heavily dependent on driving a car with optimally working brakes rather than driving a car in need of brake repair.

Even with Automatic Brakes, Safety Is Compromised When Driving a Car Needing Brake Repairs

Automatic braking systems are deployed when installed sensors and radars detect an imminent crash. Also, they respond when it is indicated that the driver isn’t doing enough to prevent the crash. In several studies, these automatic brakes have shown to reduce both the number of collisions and the seriousness of collisions when they occur. But again, this is only true if the brakes are working properly due to regular brake repair and service.

Routine Brake Repair and Service Can Increase Roadway Safety

Being able to stop the vehicle precisely when needed can mean the difference between a major collision, a minor one or avoiding a collision all together. So whether you are applying the brakes manually or relying on an automatic braking in an emergency, your car’s ability to stop on a dime depends on the quality and condition of its brakes. Without regular brake repair and service, the functionality of your brakes becomes compromised.

Need Automatic Brake Repair? Where to go… 

Brake repair for automatic braking systems works in much the same way as repair for standard brakes. On both systems if your brake pads, shoes or hoses are worn, your braking effectiveness will be negatively impacted. So if your brakes are squealing, screeching or just don’t feel right, bring them in to your local repair shop for an inspection. Even with an automatic braking system, nothing beats the safety that comes with quality brake repair.

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