Avoid Summertime Car Repair Services with a Little Preparation

Summer is on the horizon and it comes with long summer road trips, vacations to the beach and other Southern California adventures. But before you load your crew and gear into your vehicle, make sure it is well prepare for the ride. The last thing you need on vacation is car repair service performed at an auto repair shop way out in the middle of nowhere.

  • summer road tripOil Change – Before your trip is the time to make sure your car’s oil changes are current. If you know you need one or are already past due for getting your oil change, do it before your trip. Driving long distances with dirty oil in your car can cause extra wear and tear to your engine. It can also cause your car to run inefficiently, which means you’ll spend more money on gas.
  • Be Prepared for Memorial Day Traffic – In Los Angeles and San Diego, dealing with heavy traffic is a way of life. With the addition of tourists for Memorial Day, holiday traffic can be a real bear. Prepare for this ahead of time by making sure your vehicle’s coolant system is in proper working order with a coolant system maintenance check. This can prevent your car from overheating due to long idling periods.
  • Check Tire PressureUnderinflated tires can cause poor fuel efficiency and are more likely to pop than properly inflated ones. Use a simple pressure gauge to check the tire’s pressure and refill if necessary can save you money and hassles of having to replace a flat tire on the road.
  • Avoid Overloading the Vehicle – Summer road trips are all about camping, enjoying far-away destinations and long days at the beach. Yet car experts recommend cutting back on the gear if you can and making sure you have good visuals with rear and side-view mirrors. Too much weight in your car decreases fuel efficiency and cause blind spots.

When in Doubt, Bring It to an Auto Repair Shop
It doesn’t do any harm to bring your vehicle into your neighborhood San Diego auto repair shop for a quick inspection before your big road trip. A technician can check under the hood and look for mishaps you might not readily see such as damaged hoses and belts, low fluid levels, dirty filters, and more. The costs of these inspections are negligible and can help give you peace of mind before your big vacation.

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