Avoid Costly Summer Auto Repair Services With These Tips

san diego auto repair service tips for summer

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It’s officially the middle of summer, but here in San Diego that means you still have several months of warm weather to enjoy. As much as we all love the summer sun, high temperatures and intense sun can take a hit on your vehicle. To keep your car running smooth and strong, summer maintenance and auto repair service is essential. Here are some of the things you can do to make sure your car is in tip top summer shape:

      • Check Your Coolant System Fluid Levels – Skip the big and expensive cooling system service by regularly checking your engine coolant fluids. Lack of sufficient antifreeze in your car can cause it to overheat, which can lead to a major cooling system repair. In San Diego, California and other hot-climate locations, cooling system maintenance is particularly important to avoid major auto repair service.
      • Gauge Proper Air Pressure in Your Tires – High summer temperatures can make your tires inflate. When you drive on them in this condition, it greatly increases the chance that they will burst. Intense heat radiating from hot blacktops and pavements can take a toll on your tires as well. Avoid having to purchase and put on new tires and other related automotive repair services in San Diego by checking your air pressure levels regularly and not over or under inflating them.
      • Get Regular Oil Changes – In San Diego, Oil Changes are especially important due to the year-round warm climate. Summer trips to local beaches, parks and other attractions can add extra wear to your engine. Oil changes are recommended every 7500 miles for most vehicles on the road today, but check the manufacturer’s suggestions. Clean, filled-to-the-line oil in your car keep your car running as it should and help prevent expensive auto engine repair.
      • Perform General Cooling System Maintenance & Inspection – Radiator cooling levels is probably what jumps out at you when you think of summer auto repair and maintenance. But as with tires, anything made out of rubber such as belts and hoses tend to break, crack, or split more during the summer due to heat expansion. So while you are looking under the hood checking your fluid levels, take a moment to check them as well.

For your summer auto repair and maintenance needs, remember a little bit of prevention can really go a long way. Such thoughtful preventative measures can prevent a minor task such as checking and adding antifreeze to becoming a full-blown car repair service.

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