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A San Diego Guide To Driving In The Rain

Rainy weather driving tips

2017 has started out wet and rainy for California with the water accumulation helping the state get out of its three-year-long drought. While many welcome the rain and drought relief, motorists unaccustomed to driving in the rain are adjusting their

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7 Point Big Bear Auto Repair Checklist

Big Bear Mountain Travel Tips

It’s not often that the phrases “prepare your car for winter driving” and “Southern California road trips” are heard together. But with this season’s near record snow fall, skiers and snowboarders from across the region are headed to the slopes

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Tips for Winterizing Your Vehicle

winterizing your Dan Diego vehicle

Yes even in sunny San Diego, it is important to prep your vehicle to get it winter ready. Whether you plan on driving to the mountains to enjoy skiing or just want to make sure your car is ready for

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Common BMW Auto Repairs

BMWs are some of the finest vehicles on the road today. Made in Germany and recognized for their power, safety, and styling, BMWs capture the attention of drivers, passengers and on-lookers the world over. Yet despite their reputation for high

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When Is The Right Time For Cooling System Maintenance?

Putting off auto repairs for your car or truck is a poor habit.  Just like going to the doctor’s office for that pain that won’t go away or scheduling an appointment with the dentist for that achy tooth, many people

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Surpass 100,000 Miles with On-Time Auto Repair and Maintenance

Many years ago, it was a rarity to drive a vehicle up to or passed 100,000 miles. Usually the type of car owner who accomplished such a feat was known for going to great lengths to ensure that every auto

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Update on the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal: What You Need to Know

After years of promoting clean-burning diesel in its four-cylinder vehicles, Volkswagen’s house-of-cards scheme came crashing down in September 2015. This is when the automaker revealed that it had been cheating emissions tests. Rather than building a better, more energy efficient

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How to Avoid Buying a Lemon, a Car Immune to Auto Repairs

For drivers on a budget, and even those who aren’t, purchasing a used vehicle can save you a ton of cash. And in San Diego, those savings cash likely go towards the sunshine tax. Cars last much longer today than

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Common Car Repair Question: Are Tire Rotations Really Necessary?

In a word, yes. Rotating your vehicle’s tires is a good way to make sure they wear more or less evenly over their lifetime. This can also ensure that the vehicle’s suspension system or chassis does not get damaged as

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New to BMWs? What You Need to Know about BMW Repairs and More

BMW vehicles standout for both their stylish looks and performance capabilities. Yet finding the right model to suit your needs and within your price range can be a daunting task. BMWs are not inexpensive cars and it makes sense to

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