Are You Damaging Your Vehicle Without Knowing It?

How much your car, truck or SUV will be worth when you go to trade it in or resell it many years down the road depends on several factors. How well did you take care of the vehicle? Did you take the time to get regular oil changes? Did you bring the vehicle into your local repair shop for regular inspections and maintenance work? If you do all of these things, then you are on the right path to getting the most resale value possible for your vehicle.

Regular Auto Repair and Maintenance Is Only Part of the Equation

revving your engine

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Yet despite putting forth the effort and time in routine maintenance and repair, you could be damaging your vehicle without knowing it if you do these things:

  • Using the Wrong Oil – Getting regular oil changes is one of the smartest things you can do for your car. But it has to be the right oil and it has to be done at the right time. The lube shop that advertises “Cheapest Oil Change in San Diego” (or insert your location) may not be using the grade of oil recommended by the manufacturer. For vehicles that require synthetic grade oil changes tend to be much less frequent, every 7500 miles instead of every 3000. So make sure you get the right oil for your oil change to keep your car running strong as long as possible.
  • Revving the Engine – Though revving the engine might look cool in the movies, the reality is – it is bad for the vehicle putting unnecessary stress and strain on the engine and its many parts. Since the engine is the heart of your vehicle, and few things sound more imposing than “engine bloc repair,” why mess with something so crucial to your vehicle’s good health?
  • Careless Shifting – Your vehicle’s transmission system is extraordinarily complex and intricate. Similar to the engine, major transmission repair is something you should want to avoid at all cost. So take a few minutes to make sure your vehicle is completely stopped before shifting into drive. If your vehicle is rolling backwards and you shift into drive before it has come to a complete stop, you are putting a ton of unnecessary strain and pressure on your transmission system.

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