A Guide to Dashboard Lights

Our latest infographic explains some common dashboard lights located in most cars. Even maintenance lights can signal bigger problems if left unchecked, so make sure all possible problems are checked out by a certified mechanic.

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A Guide to Dashboard Lights

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A Guide to Dashboard Lights

Many years ago, when automobiles relied on pure mechanics to run and function properly, dashboards flashed only a handful of electronic lights representing only a handful of potential problems.

Today, there are a myriad of dashboard lights with more sensitive readings.

Let’s review some dashboard warning lights to learn about the repair service that might be needed.

Signals for Urgent Car Repair & Services

  • The Check Engine light should be taken seriously. It may not signal a major service, but it could be that the oxygen sensor or catalytic converter needs replacing.
  • The Battery Light indicates a problem with the battery, its charging system or the alternator. It is advised not to continue driving.
  • The Coolant Temperature light signals that your vehicle is at risk of overheating.
  • The Engine Oil light indicates that the pressure in your engine system is low. Unfortunately, this light could signal a major problem.

Typical Reminder Light for Maintenance and Car Repair Services

  • The Service Vehicle Soon light, which appears in a few varieties, signals an oil change is needed.

Other Less Familiar But Important Services Lights

  • Not an obvious image, the Tire Pressure Warning light signals low tire pressure, a flat tire, or a tire puncture.
  • Another important light is the Brake light, which could signal a problem with the brake system or low brake fluid.
  • This image indicates “limited engine power output” from the computer. It requires a visit to an auto repair shop for proper diagnosis.

Though some lights tend to indicate a more serious problem than others, it is best to have all possible problems checked out by a certified mechanic at your local auto repair shop. Even maintenance lights can signal bigger problems if left unchecked.



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